Ivan Steiger

MgA. Ivan Steiger

was born in 1939 in Prague, attended film college and then studied at the film academy FAMU in Prague.

While studying literature under Milan Kundera, he wrote stories, novellas and film scripts, and later books for adults and children.

Since 1966, Ivan Steiger has mainly worked as a cartoonist. He has exhibited his work in many cities in Europe and North America, and has published and illustrated books. His cartoons appear regularly in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and in other European and American newspapers.

Over the last 35 years, he has written, produced and directed a series of 27 documentary and short feature films for the cinema and television.

He has received national and international awards for his literary, cartoon and film work.

Ivan Steiger has written sixteen books, culminating with 350 illustrated essays on themes from the Old and New Testaments, Ivan Steiger Sees the Bible, which was commissioned by the German Bible Society and the Katholisches Bibelwerk publishing house. A book of sayings followed, Gottes Auge ist überall.

His extensive collection of antique toys has been open to the public 1983 in the Toy Museum, in the tower of the Old Town Hall at the Marienplatz in Munich. A second Toy Museum, in Hradschin Castle in Prague, was opened 1994.

In 1985, Ivan Steiger painted the first of his expressive primitive abstracts, the poetic Acrylbilder.

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4 years technical film school, 5 years film academy (FAMU) in Prague. While at the academy, he wrote stories and, later, film scripts. Cartoonist since 1962


Vienna, Detroit, West and East Berlin, Munich, Ottawa, Hamburg, New York, Montreal, Chicago, San Francisco, Prague, touring exhibitions through Italy and many other countries


1966 09360 EF
1968 Ivan Steigers Prager Tagebuch
1969 Die Ivan Steiger Fibel
1970 Hallo Adam
1971 Eine schöne Bescherung
1973 Aus dem Ivan Steiger-Wald
1978 Kleine Bildstörungen
1980 Kaleidoskop
1980 Ivan Steiger Karikaturen
1989 Ivan Steiger sieht die Bibel (1990 CSR, 1994 USA)
1998 Gottes Auge ist überall

Publications-Stories and Children's Books:

1970 Ein roter Zug will fliegen
1971 Jimmys Friedhof
1975 Die schönsten Träume träumt Nicole
1976 Radio Eriwans Mattscheibe
1976 Nicole entdeckt die Felsenstadt

Publications-Non-fiction, with his wife, Eva:

1985 Vom Homunculus zum Roboter
2001 100 Jahre Teddybär
2004 Kinderträume - Spielzeug aus zwei Jahrtausenden
2005 Briefe aus der Bärenwelt


2006 sui generis, Prestel Verlag
2007 Highlights from the FAZ, Prestel Verlag

Short films and feature films:

Die Flasche (Annecy Film Festival)
Stille Post (candidate at Cannes Film Festival)
Mr. Roboter (San Antonio Film Festival),
Die Brummfliege
Wie der Waldteufel...
Lothar Meggendorfer
Et cetera
Kinderträume aus Blech (History of Metal Toys I. 1830-1914)
Geschichte des Blechspielzeugs II. (1918-1939)
Aus alten deutschen Musterbüchern
Laterna Magica
Altes Holzspielzeug unter dem Weihnachts-baum (Toy Association Prize)
e.o.plauens Vater und Sohn (2 Teile)
Zauber der Verwandlung
Teddys Weihnachtsträume
Der Teddybär (Awarded First Prize by the Toy Association in the TV category)
Wer hat Kater Mikesch die Stiefel gemalt?
Lebende Krippen
Zauber der Puppen
Traumwelt der Puppen
Zauber der Mechanik
Die Puppenstadt der Fürstin - "Mon Plaisir" in Arnstadt

Since 1972, Ivan Steiger is a resident contributor at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper.

His cartoons also appear in the Süddeutschen Zeitung, Die Welt, Herald Trbiune, Christian Science Monitor, The Times, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Chicago Tribune, Le Figaro, La Stampa, Neue Züricher Zeitung and other publications. He has been awarded numerous national and international prizes.

Since 1968, he lives in Munich with his family. In 1978 he was granted German citizenship. His extensive toy collection has been open to the public since 1983, at the Toy Museum in the Tower of the Old Town Hall at the Marienplatz in Munich, and in Hradschin Castle in Prague.